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                        MODULE TITLE: Global Business Environment

                        MODULE CODE:     ES93N-10 06           

                        MODULE DATE:  8th – 12th June 2015

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 Contingent Protection under World Trade Organisation rules.
Note: This PMA contributes a maximum 80% to the total module mark. The other possible 20% comes in module assessments.  Within the PMA the usual 70% comprehension and 30% effort/presentation has been assigned as the method of awarding marks to your PMA response.
One of the main aims of the World Trade Organisation and the rules it implements is more open trade and the reduction of a variety of barriers to trade. There are however three specific WTO rules that allow member countries to introduce trade barriers.   The application of each of these rules is contingent on Countries demonstrating that certain specific criteria have been met. This PMA is about what are these contingency requirements and some of the controversy elements associated with their interpretation. 

Students are invited to answer the two questions below in Part 1 and respond to the request in part 2.
Part 1
(a)  Under current WTO rules what are the names of the three dimensions of so called contingent protection?  (10 marks)
(b)  In each of the three elements of contingent protection what are the essential features of trade that need to be demonstrated if protection is to be introduced?  (20 marks)

Part 2.
Students are invited to say and critically appraise
·        whether there is anything controversial about the application of one of the three contingent protection rules,
·        what is controversial and
·        why is it controversial?
(50 marks)

General guidance
Higher marks will be awarded to PMAs that show students have done some relevant reading, they understand a literature on the PMA topic and then reflect that understanding in a well-structured, logical, easy to follow PMA answer.   An answer that contains evidence of critical thinking and analysis of the evidence by looking for linkages within a clear conceptual framework will be awarded far higher marks than one which describes something at length. 
Length.  The WMG guideline is between 3,500 and 4,000 words.  This is the expected length of a strong GBE PMA answer.
Number of references. Depth of understanding is likely to reflect depth of reading. Typically students that cite a few (3 or 4) references offer PMAs that contain big gaps in breadth and depth of relevant points.   Students that have read say 20 articles and understood them would probably offer PMA answers with few significant gaps. List of references should use the Harvard system
Introduction.  Many PMAs ask you to start off the answer with a clear introduction.  You do not need to do this with the GBE PMA.  Your focus should be solely on answering questions as set. 
Plagiarism.  Do not do it. All quotations should start with quotation marks i.e “and finish with quotation marks i.e” and a reference.
This note is set out in Times New Roman type face 12 point.   If you could adopt this type face and point size in your PMA answer I would be most grateful.   I do not want to read 4000 words in a sans serif type face like Ariel.  There are good reasons for using a serif face like Times New Roman which I am happy to explain at another time.


To be submitted electronically via Tabula using the link provided on moodle and following the guidelines on the ftmsc website BEFORE 09:00 on 13/07/15.


1. PMW received after 09:00 will be stamped as having arrived on the next working day.

2. Post Module Work which does not reach WMG by the due date will be considered to be late.  Penalties for lateness may be applied at the rate of 3 percentage points per University working day after the due date, up to a maximum of 10 University working days late.  After this period the work may be counted as a non-submission.

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