Advertisement and promotion in Business

Advertisement and promotion in Business


For a business in order to be successful in the modern business world, effective use of advertising and promotion would be fundamental requirement. The present assignment would explore the marketing communication process by taking Morrison Supermarket as the core area of study. In the present paper four key learning outcomes would be achieved which would include scope of marketing communication process, importance of the advertisement process in the organization setting, below the line advertisement techniques used by the organizations and lastly planning mechanism of integrated marketing communication process in the business (Clow & Donald, 2009). The learning outcomes that would be achieved through the assignment are:
LO1 Understand the scope of marketing communications
LO2 Understand the role and importance of advertising
LO3 Understand below the line techniques and how they are used
LO4 Be able to evaluate integrated promotional strategies

Task 1

1.1 Explain the communication process that applies to advertising & promotion.

Communication process is the process of sharing of information between two or more people for the purpose of delivering and exchanging knowledge so that mutual understanding can be build within the communicators of information. The main components of communication process include context, sender, message to be shared, medium, recipient and finally the feedback.
Components of Communication Process
                                                Figure1. Showing communication process
In the present context of Morrison super market; there could be several audiences with which communication system must be established so that understanding can be developed. Morrison needs to apply communication process in order to persuade and inform its customer about their products or services (Tom & Caywood, 2006). In order to communicate with the customers company need to formulate a message describing the features and the benefits about their products and services. In a communication process some of the vital key elements would be source & encoding feature, signal & channel, decoding & receiver, noise & feedback. If any of the elements got absent in the communication process then the transmitted information may distort.
In order to make advertising very effective, it is crucial for the advertisers to analyze that how the message may be met by the customers in the market. To make it easy, AIDA model of communication can be used for effective advertising & promotion by Morrison supermarket. AIDA model of communication stands for attention, interest, desire and action. It helps in developing effective communication strategies and communication with the customers in such a way that better responds to their needs & desires. In Morrison supermarket AIDA model would help in making an impactful advertisement process wherein the attention of the customers would be sought first before conveying message to them. After their attention is sought, organization would make sure to keep them interested by offering solution their problems. Then the desire would be created once the customers feel interested to the message conveyed by the company. In doing so, the promotional planner must create desire for the products which company wants to offer not which customer wants to have. At last, as customer have already shown their interest and desire for the products, final action should be to offer goods or services to them (Schultz & Schultz, 2008). The whole system of communication process for advertising and promotion purposes guide the marketers to target a market effectively. Hence, the role of effective communication using AIDA model can’t be undermined from the overall marketing process.
                                                   Figure 2.Showing AIDA Model

1.2 Explain the organizations of the advertising and promotions industry.

Regulation of promotion can be done through abiding by the rules & regulations imposed by the regulating bodies for promotion and advertisement. The regulating bodies lay down rules and laws so as to ensure that proper standards are followed by the business organizations like Morrison supermarket. One such authority in UK which has laid down the standards for advertisement is Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). ASA is one of the key governing bodies for advertisements in UK and plays crucial role in developing vital rules such as protecting consumers from unfair trade regulations, distance selling act, data protection act, consumer credit act and sales of goods act (McCarthy, 2012).
·         A sale of good act was developed in year 1893 in UK for regulating the contract for purchase and sale of goods. This act regulates the organizations that whether they are offering products in good working conditions and to ensure that the goods are safe and satisfactory for the consumers. The main aim of this act is to examine that the organizations commitments pertaining to specific goods or services are true or not.
·         Unfair trade regulations act regulates organizations to not to convey misleading messages to the consumers and it examines whether the companies are offering the same which they promise in their advertisements. This act forbids organizations to use sales techniques which cause consumers harassment, to claim false credentials, to display false trade mark, to claim false endorsements.
·         Customer credit act was established in year 1974 and amended thereafter with minor changes in year 2006. Under customer credit act there are several restrictions on the organizations in order to maintain relationship between the debtors and creditors by way of fair trade practices in the business. The restrictions imposed can be regarding proper license requirements, avoidance of unfair trade with the creditors and creditors amounting £ 25000 can be termed as unfair trade (Matt, 2009).
·         Data protection act was developed in the year 1984 in UK and finally amended in year 1988 to be applicable in the present business context. Under this act, provisions are imposed on maintaining the secrecy of the customer data. The consumer data has to be erased after some time from the organization database and it must be only used for the purpose it was taken by the company.
·         Under the distance selling act, rules are framed pertaining to online selling process which enlists the regulations that key information on the product, true contact details and refund policy etc. must be provided to the customers. Customers must be informed about dispatch of product or receipt of return and must be given ample time for checking the product so that in case the product is not as per the customer needs then they have the opportunity to return the same to the company (McCarthy, 2012). 

1.4 Examine current trends in advertising and promotion, including the impact of ICT.

3.1 Explain primary techniques of below the line promotion and how they are used in an integrated promotional strategy for a business or product.

3.2 Evaluate other techniques used in below the line promotion.

4.1 Follow an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy.

Development of promotional plan for Morrison’s new campaign named “Let’s Grow” can be given as under:
  • Morrison background: Morrison wants to setup a new campaign wherein organizational value of Morrison can be highlighted to the consumers so as to deal with the current price war going in the retail industry segment. Concept of fresh fruits and vegetables needs to be showcased to customers along with habit among children to grow their fruits and vegetables themselves.
  • Company analysis: SWOT analysis for Morrison can be given as under:
  • Efficient distribution channel to accomplish strong supply chain
  • More than 450 stores in UK with employee strength of 130,000
  • Among the four biggest supermarkets in UK
  • Diverse product portfolio
  • Suffering from product recall issues
  • Geographical reach for Morrison is limited comparing it with other retail brands in UK

  • Global expansion
  • Private label demand is increasing which can help Morrison to enhance their revenue
  • High end market for organic products
  • High cost for manpower deployed
  • Competitor market share is increasing
  • Changes in government policies
Table 1: Showing the SWOT Analysis for Morrison
  • Product or idea launched: To provide shopping voucher for consumers at the purchase of every £10 spent in the store which can be redeemed in the gardening tools, seeds and farming equipments for schools.

4.3 Plan the integration of promotional techniques into the promotional strategy for business or product

Present paper has revealed the promotional campaign designed for one of the major retail brand in UK i.e. Morrison. In order to combat the price war and highlight values for the Morrison present campaign was designed by making use of the different media types and promotional techniques. It is expected that Morrison would be able to attain the objectives for which present campaign have been developed by the organization.