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1.    Project (research topic) title
(Important: Provide a short descriptive title of no more than 15 words.)
2.    Project (research topic) summary
(Important: In no more than 50 words, intelligible to a reader who is not a specialist in this field, summarize the aims, significance and expected outcomes of your proposed research.)
3.    Project (research topic) details
(Important: Provide a brief but comprehensive statement, following the headings provided below.)
                3.1.  Introductory background(50 Words)
            3.2.  Research questions        (No more than 20 words)
(Important: This section should explain the research question and may include the hypothesis or problem to be addressed.)

            3.3.  Aims/Objectives of the project (No more than 40 words)
(Important: This section should explain how the problem is to be addressed.)
            3.5 Theoretical framework and methods (50 Words)
(Important: This section may include a discussion of the sources to be consulted.)
            3.6. Methodology (50 Words)

4.    Research plan / timeline
(Important: Please provide a plan of stages of your research development and thesis writing with a time-line of proposed goals for your program. A Gantt chart or Completion Plan is useful in illustrating the various stages and activities of research, in terms of a schedule to meet time-lines.)
5.    Ethical Limitations(20 Words)

6.    References cited/Bibliography of planned reading
(Important: Please provide one or both of the following in an appropriate and consistent referencing style:
• A list of the scholarly references cited in the proposal
• A bibliography of planned reading)