Unit 77 Plan and Co-ordinate Vehicle maintenance


Unit 77:

Plan and Co-ordinate Vehicle




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This unit aims to develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of the planning, coordination and control of vehicle fleet maintenance.

Unit abstract

This unit introduces the learner to the various types of maintenance contracts used and the management practices necessary to ensure that vehicles are maintained safely, economically and that legal obligations are complied with.

Learners will be given the opportunity to study various fleet management systems used to plan and control vehicle maintenance. They will develop the ability to select or design an appropriate fleet maintenance system.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

1     Understand the legal and operational implications of a vehicle maintenance contract

2       Understand fleet maintenance management systems

3     Understand the legal implications relating to vehicle maintenance

4       Understand how to control the maintenance of a vehicle fleet.

Unit content

1      Understand the legal and operational implications of a vehicle maintenance contract

Types of vehicle maintenance contract: eg contract hire, lease hire, rental, manufacturer contract, power by the hour, fleet maintenance

Legal and operational implications: contract law; supply of services; construction and use regulations; transport act; plating and testing; environmental legislation

Vehicle maintenance contracts: controls; staffing; records; financial considerations; company taxation; operational factors; operator licensing

2      Understand fleet maintenance management systems

Management systems selection criteria: eg based on fleet size, fleet type, type of operation, cost, time, location

Management systems: mileage; time; scheduled; unscheduled; corrective; emergency

Customer requirements: eg frequency, reporting requirements, documentation, emergency situations, overnight servicing/repairs, vehicle inspections

3      Understand the legal implications relating to vehicle maintenance

Legal requirements: eg operator’s licence, construction and use regulations, plating and testing, MOT testing, environmental considerations

Implications and processes: responsibilities; staff qualifications; facilities; equipment; human resource; competence; planning; vehicle inspections; defect reporting and rectification; environmental requirements for waste disposal; staff training; licences (MOT)

4      Understand how to control the maintenance of a vehicle fleet

Maintenance control systems selection criteria: eg type of operation, fleet type, fleet size, cost, location of fleet, power by the hour contract

Fleet maintenance control systems: eg centralised, decentralised, manual card operation, computerised operation, computer-based systems and relevant software and hardware

Planning and controlling fleet maintenance: driver defect reporting; vehicle inspection reporting; vehicle maintenance servicing schedules; vehicle testing; maintaining vehicle records

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes
Assessment criteria for pass

On successful completion of
The learner can:

this unit a learner will:

LO1 Understand the legal and
explain three different types of vehicle maintenance

operational implications of a

contract and evaluate their legal and operational

vehicle maintenance


discuss the methods used to satisfy the requirements of

a vehicle maintenance contract

assess the suitability of a vehicle maintenance contract

to meet specific requirements

LO2 Understand fleet
evaluate different management systems for fleet

maintenance management

maintenance and identify the criteria for selecting a


management system

design a fleet maintenance management system to

satisfy a customer’s requirements

LO3 Understand the legal
explain the legal requirements when undertaking fleet

implications relating to


vehicle maintenance
discuss the implications and processes needed to satisfy

legal requirements

LO4 Understand how to control
produce criteria for the selection of a maintenance

the maintenance of a vehicle

control system

evaluate a control system for the maintenance of a

vehicle fleet

explain the procedures used when planning and

controlling the maintenance of a vehicle fleet.


This unit can be linked with Unit 74: Vehicle Fault Diagnosis and Unit 75: Vehicle Technology.

Essential requirements

Learners will need access to a range of relevant legal and operational documentation.

Employer engagement and vocational contexts

It would be helpful for delivery if learners visited one or two industrial locations that use different approaches to vehicle maintenance. Alternatively, suitable guest speakers might be invited to provide an overview of their fleet vehicle maintenance operations.