Architecture principles

                                    Architecture Principles:
Business Principles
1-      Benefit renewal focused
The Business strategy of the MWC would be in such a way that the company would focus more upon renewing their benefits offered to customer segment but will not tend to invest more into the processes since the perceived risk is more in that due to initial phase of the company.
2-      Crucial customer Information
Since the company is dealing directly through its retail outlets so the customer interaction is high into the business so would be the amount of information present with the employees of the company about the customer preferences and this information is very crucial for the company as it can give cutting edge to company in designing the products for customers.
3-      Core Business Process
Core business processes are very important for the overall business until and unless these processes are right business can’t move further and overall profits and efficiency of the company get reduced so first of all these problems needs to be resolved first.
4-      Legal Compliance
Company has to abide by the laws in order to work on the safer side and to reduce any kind of legal obligations.
5-      Role of IT
IT Department of the company has the responsibility to install the system and maintain the process related with IT functioning in order to reduce time and cost for company.
Data principles
1-      Data requirement
Accurate and timely data is the primary requirement for any successful business structure of the company.
2-      Sharing of Data
Information about the new product and services has to be shared with the customer so that they can know about the company offerings.
3-      Ease of Accessibility
Only database do not serve the purpose for organisation until data is easily available to all employees of the company there is no use of it.
4-      Secrecy issues
Business data gathered by company is very crucial, so a secured network has to be build in order to safeguard that data.
5-      General terminology
      There should be general terminology enterprise wide so that everybody in               the enterprise can understand and interprets the things in same manner.

Application principles:
1-      Usability
The application followed in the organisation should be such that they can be used by the maximum number of people in organisation so the process should be easy to use or proper training should be provided to teach how to use the processes.

Technology principles:
1-      Customization and flexibility
The technology followed in the company should be such that they can be modified according to the customer need without much delay.
2-      Compatibility

            The hardware and software used in the company should be compatible with          each other as well as with the system of the         business partners so that easy             business flow can result.