Unit 15 Website Management

Unit 15 Website Management

Team Members1.Mubeen Nasir2.Christ Hendu3.Nizam Badar4.Althaf Mohammed|

Department of Management Studies

Electronic Commerce commonly known as e- commerce is a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Electronic commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of e-business. It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.

7 C’s of E- Commerce are as follows:
1) Context
2) Content
3) Community
4) Customization
5) Communication
6) Connection
7) Commerce

Context - This refers to the site's look and feel. The site may be * Functionality Oriented : Where the enabling of the function of the site is the prime objective of the site * Aesthetic Oriented: The aesthetic aspect of the web pages is given priority * Hybrid: The site is to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient.

Content - This is the offered mix of product and services on the site. This can be  images, videos, documents, links and/or downloadable items about the product and services. It is also about the promotion and communication messaging offered. Some of the contents may be time sensitive that is they have an appeal only for a limited time. For example, a new site needs to constantly update its content to remain relevant.

Community - This refers to the way the site enables user-to-user interaction. * Non-existent: sites that have no community offer no way for users to interact with one another, on either a one-to-one basis or one-to-many basis. * Limited: sites that offer features such as reading and posting information, stories, or opinions. * Strong: sites that offer interactive community functions such as chat rooms and message boards.

Customization - This means to how much the site allows the user to personalize the site, as Social sites like Facebook, MySpace or Hi5 where the customization options are huge.

Communication - This is the site-to-user communication. Ways that the site can communicate include: * Broadcast: This is where the site communicates the same message to a large group of users through portals such as mailings, news feeds, marketing material, or content update notification * Interactive: This involved more of a one-on-one interaction between the site and the user through user input, e-commerce dialogue and customer-service. * Hybrid: A combination of the above. An example can be a news site where their news is broadcasted but the user's reply to the news would be interactive.

Connection - How the site links to other sites. Sites' content can link to other sites. This new content can be placed in the same site to retain attention on site or be a path way out of the site. Example can be referrals, web rings and affiliate programs.

Commerce - This refers to the site's capabilities to enable commercial transactions. This can be seen in sites as eBay, clothes brands, retailer online shops, etc.

How 7 C’s work in Emirates:

Emirates Introduction: Emirates is an airline based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the largest airline in the Middle East, operating over 2,500 flights, from its hub at Terminal 3, to 122 cities in 74 countries across six continents. The company also operates four of the world's ten longest non-stop commercial flights from Dubai to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and Houston. Emirates is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which has over 50,000 employees, and is wholly owned by the government of Dubai directly under the Investment Corporation of Dubai. Cargo activities are undertaken by the Emirates Group's Emirates Sky Cargo division. It was required to operate independent of government subsidies, apart from $10 million in start-up capital. The airline became headed by Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the airline's present chairman. In the years following its founding, the airline expanded both its fleet and its destinations. In October 2008, Emirates moved all operations at Dubai International Airport to Terminal 3, a new terminal exclusively dedicated to Emirates to sustain its rapid expansion and growth plans. Emirates operates a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft and is one of only nine airlines to operate an all-wide-body aircraft fleet, whose centrepiece is the Boeing 777. Emirates also have orders for 90 AirbEthihadA380s with 31 of them already in service and became the second operator of the AirbEthihadA380-800 after Singapore Airlines when their first aircraft was delivered on 28 July 2008. Emirates has built up a strong brand name as a leader in the aviation industry, particularly in terms of service excellence, and its very rapid growth, coupled with consistent profitability.

Emirates offers seats based on Economy,First & Business classes at different prices at seasonal rates.

Emirates Airlines
UAE| Callsign
Founded 1985
Commenced operations 25 October 1985
Hubs Dubai International Airport
Frequent-flyer program Skywards
Airport lounge Emirates Lounge
Alliance none

* Arabian Adventures
* Congress Solutions International
* Emirates Holidays
* Emirates Tours

Context - Emirates attracts and provides online customer services by making the context of the website look attractive by adding background color effect and logo and providing pictures of the services and product description offered so that the customer gets an insight about the website and the operation of the company. It illustrates the image of the plane and the number of seats, the luxurious airport including the terminals, the prices of different destination etc. Content - Emirates provides online links to the services and schedules including commercial video, flight booking, online promotions, special E-ticket discounts ex: The quickest and most convenient way to find and book the flights is online at emirates.com. It also gives customers greater control over the travel plans: * Ticketing Options

* Build the exact itinerary customers need
* Access and manage the travel details anytime customers want * Request a particular seat, special meal, or other service * Pay online by credit card using the completely secure server.

Booking Online
Select the departure and arrival cities, enter the travel dates, and select the itinerary that suits customers best. Specify how customers would like to pay for and receive the tickets, and customers’re ready for the journey. It couldn’t be simpler. E-ticket

All Emirates tickets are issued as e-tickets.
An e-tickets (or electronic ticket) is a ticketing option that eliminates the need for a physical ticket. Instead, the booking details are stored securely in the computer. When it’s time to travel, simply present the receipt and passport when checking in at the airport. If booking online in most countries, there’s no need to visit a local office to receive the ticket or wait to have it delivered - simply print the receipt during the online booking process. When booking, every person travelling will get their own individual e-tickets, including children and infants. Because the booking information is stored with Emirates, there’s no ticket to misplace or lose. And the travel details can easily be changed at any time over the telephone, without having to produce a paper ticket or visiting a ticket office

Manage a Booking
* View, print or email the itinerary
* Select seats and submit dietary requirements
* Change the booking
* Upgrade flights using the Skywards Miles or credit card * Add and manage hotel or rental car bookings
* Purchase excess baggage at discounted rates
* Apply for a UAE visa
If customers book the flights on emirates.com, customers will be notified during the booking process if the itinerary/fare qualifies. After customers have completed the online booking, customers can book the Dubai Connect service online, by logging on to ‘Manage a Booking’. Lost e-tickets

Because e-tickets are stored electronically in the systems, Emirates cannot lose the e-tickets. If customers lose the printed e-ticket receipt, customers have several options: * If customers booked online, customers can print out the e-tickets receipt again from the booking confirmation email. * If customers have the six-character booking reference number, customers can log in to Manage a Booking to view and print the e-tickets. * If customers booked at a local Emirates office or travel agent, customers can return to the office and request a replacement receipt. Emirates recommend customers keep a copy of the e-tickets receipt to hand throughout the journey – some airports require customers to present a physical copy of the ticket when requested. E-tickets refunds

Please note that for many bookings, refunds may incur a fee, or may not be allowed, depending on any specific Terms & Conditions attached to the booking. When customers search for flights on emirates.com customers can now add a hotel or car booking as customers go. Customers can also add a hotel or car to an existing Emirates flight booking, through our Manage a Booking section, or book a hotel without booking a flight at all. Get great rates on more than 23,000 hotels, and on car hire services in 110 countries around the world – and make customer’s bookings easily through emirates.com. Any booking including a hotel or car made on emirates.com will have an itinerary number – a single reference number customers can use to access customer’s flight, hotel and/or car bookings through Manage a Booking. All hotel and car bookings are organised by and billed through our partner, Tourico Holidays. * Community - Emirates has non - existent community because it does not provide the option of users to interact with one another, on either a one-to-one basis or one-to-many basis but it does kind of relate to limited because the website provides reading posts and suggesting opinions to improve services and it also provides the details of latest services and changes to be adjusted plus the policies to keep customers aware. Customization – The Emirates website does not provide this option because it is open to public and there is no privatize content such as personalizing the site it is highly publicized. Communication - It provides the option of directly calling for any service requirements or inquiries or for any changes by directly transferring the call to one of the customer service agents. Connection – It is when one link when opened takes the user to another link. Ex: Bookings when pressed directly connects the user to the website information by providing the details of bookings. Commerce - Payment Methods

With an extended selection of new payment options, Emirates now offer customers even greater choice and flexibility when it comes to paying for the tickets customers have booked online. Some of these new methods also give customers the freedom to book and pay for tickets reserved in someone else’s name – for instance, another family member. * Terms & Conditions

When customers choose to book by Visa or MasterCard, it is now possible to make payments in any of 14 major currencies. Previously, payments Emirates are always applied in the currency of the country the flight was departing from. This new feature provides total transparency, as the final charge will appear on the statement in the chosen currency. Here is a summary of the new payment methods that Emirates accepts. Not all payment options are available for all Emirates departure points. The payment options are also determined by the date and time of departure.

Real-Time Bank Transfer
Choose this option and Emirates can immediately issue the ticket based on real-time online confirmation of a successful payment.| |
Online Bank Transfer
This option enables customers to pay online and Emirates will issue the ticket once the bank's confirmation on successful payment is received.| |
Direct Debit
By approving a one-time direct debit, customers can authorise Emirates to debit the value of the ticket from the bank account.| |
Bank Transfer
Also called a wire transfer, a bank transfer enables customers to make payment by telephone, mail, online banking or even by visiting the bank in person.| |  
The PayPal website features a dedicated page that enables customers to log in and confirm the payment of the ticket. Emirates will issue the ticket once payment confirmation is received.| |  
Western Union
Customers can pay for the ticket at any western Union outlet that accepts QuickPay transactions. Emirates will issue tickets when paid within specified time and payment confirmation is received.| |  

Boleto Bancário
Choose Boleto Bancário to make a one-time cash payment for the ticket via the internet banking facility or at any Boleto Bancário branch in Brazil. Emirates will issue tickets when paid within specified time and payment confirmation is received.| |  

Credit/Debit Card
Depending on the country of departure, customers may still choose to pay for the ticket using a credit or debit card.| |

Best Buy
Best Buy wants to provide the level of service associated with neighbourhood proprietors who can get to know their customers personally. With over 50 million customers, it’s impossible for the company to remember each one, but we can use data and technology to help us do it. Best Buy had a customer database of its cardholders but needed deeper insight into all of its customers. Their objective was to create a complete CRM solution by creating a more comprehensive customer database for e-mail marketing and traditional direct marketing that would enable operational efficiencies and improve relationships with customers.

Best Buy developed a database that incorporates information from 19 customer touch points, including point of sale, and enhanced it with Experian’s INSOURCESM consumer marketing data to develop a 360-degree view of their customers. Best Buy chose to partner with Experian after successfully testing INSOURCE data by enhancing a customer file of 1 million records and analyzing the data’s coverage, completeness and accuracy. Experian compiles data from more than 3,500 public and proprietary sources to provide comprehensive consumer marketing information on U.S. households. Best Buy then enhanced over 50 million customer records with INSOURCE data, including age, estimated income, occupation, lifestyle data and product-purchase elements such as PC ownership and others. Best Buy’s new customer database incorporates purchase history with Experian’s INSOURCE data to develop a more complete picture of customers and provide insight into consumers’ current and future needs. Today, Best Buy’s data is readily available for customer-centric marketing and responsive, personalized customer service. 7 C’s used in Best Buy in comparison to Emirates:

Context - Context of the website provides that special feel to the customer and Best buy uses it the best by providing an outlook of all the services offered including the illustrations and pictures plus video ads which is highly commercial and focuses on attracting a customer. Content - Today, Best Buy’s data is readily available for customer-centric marketing and responsive, personalized customer service. Products sold

TV & Home Theater
* TVs
* Projectors & Screens
* Blu-ray & DVD Players
* Home Theater Systems
* Smart TVs & Devices
Audio & MP3
* iPod & MP3 Players
* iPod & MP3 Player Accessories
* Home Audio
* Headphones
* Boomboxes, CD Players & Radios

Mobile Phones
* All Mobile Phones with Plans
* Mobile Plans
* Verizon Wireless
* Sprint
* AT&T

Cameras & Camcorders
* Digital Cameras
* Digital SLR Cameras
* Compact System Cameras
* Film Cameras & Accessories
* Camera Lenses
Musical Instruments
Video Games
Car, Marine & GPS
Health, Fitness & Sports

Community - Best buy provides the option of personalised customer interaction to improve effieciencies and effectiveness of the website and also included is the suggestion link where users suggest new ideas and Best buy chooses the best suggestions to come up with innovative and creative customer services and products.

Customization - Best buy provides the option of customization to an extent where privatise relations are not restricted but it does not provide full interaction between users and other users as it may harm the website. Communication - It is similar to Emirates it provides the customer with the option of direct call for any information or product delivery details within the website Services Included Our delivery service includes delivery into the room of customer’s choice. We will unpack the item and, if requested, dispose of the packaging. For an additional cost, we can install home entertainment components, appliances, mobile electronics and computer upgrades. Scheduling a Delivery

To schedule a delivery online, follow these steps during checkout: 1. Verify the customer’s delivery address.
2. Customers select the day would like the item delivered. We'll call customers the day before customer’s scheduled delivery to confirm the appointment. Customers can also schedule, reschedule and cancel deliveries by calling 1-888-BEST BUY (1-888-237-8289). Special Order Delivery

Best Buy offers an extended selection of products not sold in stores but available for special order online. If it's a special order product if the Add to Cart button is replaced with a Special Order button. Some special orders require home delivery. Special-order home delivery differs from regular home delivery in these ways: * Special order turnarounds can be slightly longer than regular turnaround times. * Recycling is not included with TV or furniture special-order deliveries. Delivery Restrictions

* Delivery and special order delivery items can be delivered to addresses in the continental U.S. only. They cannot be delivered to P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses. * Deliveries and special order deliveries are shipped Standard service only.

Home & Business Delivery
Some items may require scheduled delivery to customer’s home or business due to their size and weight. These items include TVs 40" or larger, major appliances and furniture. During checkout, customers can schedule a date to receive customer’s delivery item(s).The cost for delivery is the same online and in stores. If a new item is to be delivered, we will remove one item from customer’s home and recycle it.For example, if customer are having a new refrigerator delivered, we will remove one refrigerator from customer’s home and recycle it. This is done on a one-for-one basis. Delivery timeframes will be communicated the day before the scheduled delivery. Timeframes will be in 2-hour time windows. We are unable to accommodate specific delivery times within these delivery windows. Additional charges, fees and expenses may apply to provide services beyond 25 miles from the store location where customers placed customer’s order for installation services. If customer’s order includes additional products that do not require delivery, they will be shipped separately.

Connection- Similar to any other Website Best buy has links provided in the website which connects to the original information such as product description , product delivery terms and conditions , new promotions etc. Commerce- Financing Offers

* 24-Month Financing
On all HDTV, home theater and Geek Squad® home theater installation purchases totaling $599 and up.

* 18-Month Financing
On all storewide purchases totaling $429 and up.

* 6-Month Financing
On all storewide purchases totaling $149 and up.

* 24-Month Financing
On all LG major appliances individually-priced $599 or more. Payment Options
We accept these forms of payment for BestBuy.com orders:
* Best Buy credit card
* Best Buy gift cards
* Pitch In™ Card
* Reward Zone® MasterCard
* Best Buy for Business Card
* American Express
* Discover
* MasterCard
* Visa
* Diners Club
* PayPal
* Best Buy store credit


In emirates airways e tickets are sold accepting different methods of payments offering even car rental other services including cancelation of tickets and online boarding pass can be issued. In best buy various products & services are sold accepting different methods of payments. Even the return is also possible. Passengers can access from everywhere in the world and purchase the products.