Unit 25 Menu Planning and product development

Unit 25 Menu Planning and product development

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Task A: Produce a Research Report describing the factors influencing menu planning and menu product development processes
Carry out an individual research into the factors that affect menu planning and menu product development. Using your research, produce a written report of your findings which should include:
a)      A discussion of the principles of recipe development (ref. 1.1)
A recipe can be defined as the tested and standardized process for preparation of food which would include the ingredients to be included, quantity for each ingredient, temperature and time for so as to produce a tasty product. Any changes in the measurement and variation in the ingredients can change the final products which are quite undesirable. Principle for recipe development would include project planning aspects and recipe development process. Before developing the final recipe it is expected that comprehensive project planning would be done and this would allow below factors in the entire recipe development process:
1.      Assessment of the objectives and priorities
2.      Defining action stages with high clarity as per the sequence
3.      Including all tasks for the recipe development
4.      Organizing all tasks with timeliness for each task
5.      Assessment for the physical environmental factors
6.      Communicating others regarding recipe
7.      Motivating by getting a sense of achievement
8.      Preparing memo for referring in future and evaluating the information collected
As given in the figure 1 below that there are mainly five components of a recipe development plan which are resources, human resource, physical environment, monetary aspects and time required for the recipe development (Baldawi & Alaa, 2005). The process of recipe development would move from initial purpose defining to the final assessment of the recipe in terms of the achievement for the purpose for which it was prepared. There are four important factors which should be noted while developing the recipe and these are:
1.      Customer’s objective related to the present project
2.      Background information on customer’s goals or mission related to present recipe development plan
3.      Collecting background information pertaining to the product
4.      Knowing customer, end consumer and market
Figure 1: Showing the essential components of recipe development
The process of recipe development would include number of steps which are highlighted in the figure 2 given below:
The University of Newcastle

Figure 2: Showing the recipe development process
As given above the first part of the recipe development would be planning the overall project for recipe development which would go to recipe testing, evaluation, recipe writing and editing. Project planning process would include information search, rational development and criteria for recipe. Recipe testing part would include adaption based on the fact whether recipe exists or newly developed (Khaled, 2002). Evaluation of the recipe would be done based on the metric adaption, food photography, presentation to client, reformulation and HACCP adapted. Finally recipe would be written and edited in order to include the project objectives within the developed recipe. A recipe should have five important elements in it i.e. reproducible, easily prepared, concise, interesting, pleasing to the sense and economical.    
b)     An assessment of the factors that influence menu planning decisions (ref.1.2)
menu and control various cost involved in the menu development. 
c)      A discussion of the factors that influence service methods (ref. 1.3)
Service methods are influenced mainly by four factors which are given as under:
1.      Training: Training the employees of organization would be an important aspect wherein would include spending power of the consumers and willingness to spend on a particular item.
d)     A discussion of the stages of the planning of menu product development (ref. 2.1)
There are basically ten stages involved in the planning of menu product development which are followed in general context and these stages can be given as under:
1.      Gatherinpared.
e)      An evaluation of the influences on the development process (ref. 2.2)
In order to evaluate the influence for development process it is important to adopt the business analysis processr a particular product as per the need of consumers for performance & reliability.
Task B: Produce a Research Report presenting your findings and recommendations related to a food service environment and develop a new food service concept
Carry out an individual research in order to apply the design principles within a service environment and make recommendations for a new food service concept.
Using your resend popularity of the chef in order to prepare particular dishes. Type of customers visiting this restaurant would include people who are fond of food from Heston Blumenthal. There are large numbeme wherein people can visit by paying very high amount but also to gain the experience of a lifetime (Cousins et al, 2002).   
Task C Produce a Research Report presenting your findings related to a new food service concept
a) Create and assess a new food concept including justification of your choice, customer requirements research and recommendations to launch the new concept (ref 4.1, 4.2, 4.3).
A new food concept for the present context has been selected as Croust wich and this food concept is about the fast foh are cost of the food and popularity of the food among the consumer segment.
nt food concept would be having moderate cost and high popularity which can be determined through the market research hence the above highlighted portion would be the expected position for the present food concept (Phillip, 1983). The present food concept would be a mix of marginal dish and would have no problem on menu. Hence due to position of the present food concept it can be suitably justified.   
SWOT analysis can be done for the present food concept which is given as under:
1.      There is high popularity for the food concept
2.      Process is a strong element
3.      Highly trained chef having industry knowledge
1.      Small size organization
2.      No marketing department
3.      Scarcity of resources
4.      New in competitive market
1.      Potential to grab fast food market in UK
2.      Emergence of new food concept
1.      High competition from existing players in fast food market
2.      Small domestic market

Hence based on the SWOT analysis for the new food concept it is recommended to launch the food concept in UK.
Task D Self-evaluation
a) Write a review of your own performance with suggestions for improvements regarding the creation and assessment of a new food concept (ref. 4.4)
The newly created food concept is quite attractive in marketplace with high popularity and i
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