Unit 14 Working with leading people

Unit 14 Working with leading people

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Table of Contents

1.1 Write the Recruitment Procedure, job description and person specification to select and recruit a new Business tutor.

Job title: business tutor
Duties and responsibilities: General Professional duties of all tutors.
Purpose: The ultimate purpose of this job is to impart knowledge upon business studies for the HND business program.
General duties:
-          The tutor will discuss with the head of the department and detect the development of a teaching standard and a teaching program for the concerned semester of the HND business program.
-          He will be responsible to operate the teaching plan and will report to the head of the department regarding the result of such program.
-          To attend 20 one and a half hours session in every month during the semester.
-          To maintain coordination with the head of the department during his session.
-          To report to the head of the department in every fifteen days of teaching for the purpose of reviewing the progress.
Apart from the general duties he will be responsible to perform certain special duties which are as follows:
-          Provision of feedback and opinions to the head of the department regarding the problems regarding teaching and learning which are occurring.
-          Adhere to the policy regarding the assessment of the students’ progress as laid by the particular authority.
-          Actively participate in the process of organizing the course works as well as internal and external assessments.
-          To allocate the tasks among the students properly and extend support they require accordingly.
-          Extending support to the administrative duties and be present in the faculty meetings.
-          Perform any other duties as assigned by the department  (Polito et al., 2011)
Person Specification:
General Qualification:
Ø  A competent honors degree in business       
Ø  Ability to develop business skills among the students.
Ø  Possessing efficient and innovative teaching skills.
Essential skills:
v  Ability to develop and perform as a team.
v  Proficient teaching skills.
v  Considerable skills regarding presentation.
v  Excellent communication skills.
v  Understandable and acceptable to the students (Watson, 2011).

1.2 Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process for above case if applicable.

There are some areas which a selection process is required to avoid except otherwise done for the purpose of the business in order to continue the process without attracting any legal violations. To continue a selection process legally it is imperative for the recruiter to follow certain steps that are regarded necessary to fulfill the selection process legally (Taguchi, 2012). For instance certain questions are regarded unlawful and should not be asked by the recruiter. And in order to avoid legal violations those question should not be asked accordingly. The examples of a few unacceptable questions are as follows:
-          Questions regarding race.
-          Enquiring about the gender of the interviewee.
-          Any questions towards pregnancy.
-          Except the question regarding the salary expectation of the individual any other questions relating to financial condition of the individual will be unlawful.
-          Unnecessary questions relating to the educational background of the individual will e deemed unacceptable.
-          Question towards ownership of residence is also not fair and will be regarded unlawful accordingly.
In a selection process a recruiter is required to maintain legality otherwise it would amount to unlawfulness and will attract violations to law.
Regulatory considerations:
A selection process is regarded vital for any organization be it a collage or a company, and proper standard should be maintained while pursuing the process of selection in order to avoid issues that relate to law and ethics. A selection process should be framed in an ethical way I order to show care and respected to the individual interviewees (Rossiter, 2011).
There are certain rules made to complete the selection process in an ethical way and every employer should be quite aware about those standards. Some of those standards are exhibited below:
-          Every individual should be given equal respect during the selection process
-          The employer should not show any sign of discrimination during the selection process be it racial or sexual discrimination and the attachment of the photographs of the candidates in their respective resumes should not be asked for.
-          No unnecessary questions should be asked during the selection process which are not relevant to the job.
On failure to hold the selection process in an ethical way numerous problems may arise the most important among them can be regarded as inability to work as a team due to lack of respect and compromise with success if the discrimination is showed during selection (Mandell, 2011).

Regulatory considerations:organisations and behaviour