BTEC HNDs in Thailand – The Advantage for Students in the United Kingdom
In the not so distant past, for many involved in higher education, taking a ‘gap year’ was just as important as receiving a certificate at the end of a course. Gap years traditionally were a time for students to take a year off studies, to travel, do voluntary work, reflect on new experience, and consider what they want to do with their lives in the years to come. These days, in an era of global ecession and fierce competition, many students now opt NOT to indulge in the luxury of a traditional gap year.
Studying Abroad – the “New Gap Year”
In 2012, an article in the British newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ suggested that only one-in-eight students were taking gap years. In 2013, another ‘Telegraph’ article concluded that in a bid to get an edge on the competition, students were increasingly embarking on a “new gap year” – a concept where students take higher education courses overseas. In the same manner that travel once was regarded as broadening horizons, strengthening CVs with details of study abroad has become an increasingly popular way of improving career opportunities.UNIT 41: PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
The Cost of Higher Education
However, for many in the United Kingdom, the reality of higher education is that it is now beyond their reach. British universities have been given the power to charge up to £9,000 per year, and
the bulk of institutions charge that full amount. Although most students are able to receive student loans through the United Kingdom government’s “Student Loans Company”, increasing numbers find that, for one reason or another, they are not eligible for such loans. But even for those who are eligible, the prospect of leaving university at least £30,000 in debt does not make higher education as inviting as it once was.
Study a BTEC HND in Thailand for a “New Gap Year” Experience and to Reduce Education Costs
Studying a BTEC HND in Thailand offers British students a bridge to a degree at a British university, as well as the “New Gap Year” experience many crave. Most importantly, studying a BTEC HND in Thailand shaves a significant amount off the cost of studying a Bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom.
What are BTEC HNDs?
The BTEC HND is a British qualification tied to the United Kingdom’s vocational education system. The qualification was shaped using input from British industry and commerce and designed to meet the United Kingdom’s need for skilled, competent people in the workforce. People in the United Kingdom that are motivated to enter the job market often take BTEC HNDs instead of full degree programs. Being tied to the United Kingdom’s vocational education system, the BTEC HND is recognized internationally, meaning the qualification helps people move into the job market in a wide range of industries and countries.
Study two years in Thailand and one year in the United Kingdom for a full British Bachelor’s degree
The BTEC HND is also tied to the United Kingdom’s Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). As such, educational institutions in the United Kingdom recognise the BTEC HND as being equivalent to taking the first two years of a full Bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom. This means that once you have completed a BTEC HND you can attend a British university, complete the third year of a degree program, and attain a full British degree.
BTEC HNDs Available at Regent’s International College – a Joint Venture between IVBE and The Regent’s International School in Bangkok
IVBE is a partner in Regent International College, a joint venture with one of Thailand’s most prestigious international schools, The Regent’s International School in Bangkok. BTEC HND courses are run on campus in world-class facilities located in central Bangkok. Courses currently being offered include Business Management, Performing Arts, Music, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Art and Design.
Cost Savings and Experience
Taking a BTEC HND in Thailand over two years and then moving onto a degree program in the United Kingdom provides British students with a 30% cost saving when compared to studying a full degree program in the United Kingdom. In addition, even with the cost of a flight included, British students can expect savings on living costs while in Thailand. Equally important, studying a BTEC HND in Thailand allows students to learn a new language, and gain hands on experience in a country that truly is the gateway to Southeast Asia – all potentially important elements of a future career.
Full Support
British students taking a BTEC HND in Thailand enjoy the full support of one of Thailand’s leading educational institutions – the Regent’s International School. British students can expect full
support with relocation issues such as education visas and accommodation. In addition, full support is provided placing students into appropriate universities in the United Kingdom once a BTEC HND has been achieved.
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