Unit 9 Tourism Destination

The aim of present paper is to analyze various tourist destinations across the world based on the number of tourist and income data for the particular sites. Present paper consists of mainly four tasks wherein first task would be related with analysis of tourist destinations in terms of major destinations & generators of tourists. These statistics would be used in order to analyze tourism trend for the three selected destinations and provide forecast for London. In second task, various environmental factors pertaining to tourism destination named Whitechapel would be analyzed and comparison would be done for the identified features of Whitechapel against the other two destinations. Third task would make a comparison between developed tourism destination i.e. London and developing tourism destination named Whitechapel. Impact of the identified characters on appeal of Whitechapel would be discussed in present context. Final task would analyze the three issues making impact on the two tourism destination selected and potential for responsible tourism with involvement of host community would be explored.    unit `17 quality management in business
A) Analyze those identified main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation using the data provided
For the present context three tourist destinations selected includes London (UK), Costa Rica (USA) and Paris (France). Tourist receiver country can be defined as the country in which tourists would come to visit while tourist generator country would be one where tourists originate from. For example, France is considered as the tourist receiver country and UK is one of the major tourist generator countries. In terms of tourism receiving countries the first rank is hold by France with more than 76.8 million tourists visited in year 2013 while USA holds second rank with 59.7 million visitors, China at third position with 55.7 million visitors, Spain at fourth with 52.7 million, Italy at first position with 43.7 million visitors and United Kingdom is at sixth position with 28.1 million visitors. In terms of income generated USA stands at first position with $103.5 billion of generated income, Spain at second position with $53.5 billion, France with $46.3 billion and China with $45.8 billion, Italy stands at fifth position with $38.8 billion and UK at 7th position with $30.4 billion of generated income with tourists.      
Similarly for the tourism generating countries first rank is hold by Germany with total internal tourism expenditure of $81.2 million in year 2013 while the same was $77.7 million in 2012. Total market share hold by Germany in terms of tourism generating countries is 8.5%, second place is with United States wherein total expenditure in 2013 was $74.1 million and $75.5 million in 2012 with total market share of 8.2% for total world’s tourism generation market. China stands at third place with international expenditure of $43.7 million and with a market share of 6.0%. UK holds fourth position with national expenditure of $50.1 million and market share of 5.3%.     
B) Analyze those statistics provided to determine tourism destination trends for the THREE destinations, and predict future trends for the London (UK)
Analyzing the statistics given above for the various tourism destination three tourism destinations selected in present context i.e. London (UK), Costa Rica (USA) and Paris (France) seems to have achieving good growth in terms of the tourism receiving destinations. Costa Rica along counted for 2.4 million visitors in the country, London accounted for 2.63 million visitors and Paris accounted for 3.8 million visitors in year 2013. Hence numbers of tourists are increasing in the three tourism destination as considered to the previous years. Paris has remained the most popular destination among the three selected destinations and major attraction places in Paris would include Eiffel tower, Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre, Palace of Versaillies and Palais Garnier etc.
Future of tourism would be booming for London as it is emerging as the top destination for tourists due to several reasons. Some of the key factors which would be responsible behind increasing tourism in London (UK) can be given under as:
§  London tourism is promoted in the international context through online promotional tools wherein sites such as visitbritain.com promotes London as the major conference place. Business visitors are considered to spend double as compared to the normal holiday makers.
§  UK government has efforts to develop the coastal resorts located in London so as to promote tourism in London
§  Several tourism organizations have recently portrayed London as the place for Ecotourism destination which is catching the trend
§  Presence of several cultural and historic monuments in London such as Science museum and V&A museum is increasing the level of tourism as well
§  Recent Olympic games in London has allowed country to promote itself as the major tourism destination hub for tourists around the world
A) You are required to analyze cultural, social and physical features of the new tourist destination- Whitechapel, explaining their appeal to tourist. You must analyze minimum of three features for each factor
B) Now, you need to compare and comment on the identified features of Whitechapel (The developing TD) against other two world tourist destinations (leading TD) you have identified.
A) You are required to compare the appeal of current leading tourist destination, London (UK) with that of currently developing tourism destination, Whitechapel
Factor enhancing appeal of a tourism destination
§  Location and accessibility
§  Image
§  Security and safety
§  Heritage
§  Climate
§  Social and economic status of destination
B) Evaluate how the identified characteristics of Whitechapel (developing TD), affects its appeal.
A) You are required to analyze three issues that affect the popularity of two leading tourist destinations you have identified for this exercise above  
Climate change
Distemption in travel
Financial/economic crisis
B) You are required to discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at the two worldwide tourist destinations you have identified
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