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Hospitality in my own understanding is between guest and host it includes the venue or location and how to entertain the guest that provides the quality of service for the purpose of hospitality. It is also means that when and where there are foods and drinks operate in any establishment there is a hospitality means. Like in United Kingdom hospitality now a day change in so many ways because before establishments in food and beverages must close early before night comes and no one is allowed to operate so the effect for the hospitality means are low in terms of business income to every business owner and of course to the government of this country. But now a day hospitality in this country establishment like food and beverages, convenient store, bars and clubs also restaurants are a huge part of contribution in sharing a national income to the government of United Kingdom. And aside from the many varieties of hospitality establishment in United Kingdom they are allowed to operate more time some are till mid time of the morning but the security of the cities are become more strict in terms of caring and visualizing the people because some teenagers become more aggressive when they are drunk so for the concerned of the good citizens like policemen they keep on patronized to keep the peace and safety of every one.


From top to bottoms like a pyramid shape this is how I illustrate the structure of a business in hospitality industry from top of course is the owner then a big role from a called area manager or head manager or either deputy manager down to assistant manager then shift managers it is categorized in many sectors for the shift managers because under this there are so called leader shift manager, kitchen manager, accountant or accounting department manager, the head security and staff, logistic and human resource management, the maintenance manager under this are the apprentice and staffs, the front counter, crew members, crew trainee, kitchen staff, coordinators staff, security staff from this sectors are the bottoms of the structured phase of hospitality but from this sectors where in the lower position are the managers started to gain performances defend on their knowledge, talent, ability and skills on how they be graded to promote on the next high level of position till they reach the position as being manager because of their impeccable performances. But this is not an easy task for everyone because it is required the ability to show how dedicated you are in your workplace the experiences for every candidates to pass through, specially the difficulties on how to handling the unconditional problem situation of the duties and responsibility on how an employee manage the success of his/her responsibility. But with the regards to the operational structure of this establishment I want to elaborate the significant about the different of the two hospitality industry that I chosen the first one is the mc Donald restaurant which I am working now and the second one is the Reflex bar which is openly visit most of the week just for the pleasure of unwinding my long stay in this country as part of international student or let say because sometimes you can escape from thinking back how is the family in the country where I came from or as easily called just to ease the called Home sick. Operationally mc Donald restaurant operates usually with crew members, crew kitchen members and a shift manager while in functional the information technology, the human resources and the area manager are not seen mostly in the restaurant. While in the Reflex bar operational team member mostly in the establishment you can meet first is the security who check the identity of every customer to make sure that they are in the right age because the establishment serve liquor beverages then inside you will meet the second security who are assigned in taking the entrance fee of five pounds for every customer who visit the bar then in inside of the bar are the bar tender and the waitress and waitress their role gives more means to hospitality in the bar because they can contribute efficient service to the customer because I like their being polite and too generous to commit the needs of the customer like the way they manage the mixing of the wine with the style of their own creation. About the functional operation of the Bar the head chef cannot be seen in this establishment in which is the different from the mc Donald that you can see how the kitchen crew operates but they are equal in human resource and area manager and the owner as well in functional term.

I choose Mc Donald as part of my task, because this is where I work and also I can rely more of information I need to gather and it is also relevant to my course. Our restaurant is more on walk in types of restaurant and I find some information on the internet that Mc Donald restaurants are about to 30,000 restaurants, serving 52million people in more than 100 countries each days. Also that 70% of the restaurants are operated and owned by independence both male and female. Also in this field of business I can elaborate some scale of economies for this restaurant. The external economies that the cost per unit depends on the size of the industry and the internal economies that the cost per unit depends on the size of the individual firm, also in scale of hospitality it gives a big company access to a large market by allowing them to operate with a greater geographical reach. While in the scope of hospitality are cost Advantage that result when firms provide a variety of product or delivery of a single output. It can arise from the sharing or joint utilization of inputs and leads to reduction unit cost. In regards to the diversity of this restaurant products and service are complete in terms of meal deals from drinks to burgers and with a portion of chips or French fries. With regards for the accommodation of this restaurant the first thing people can observe is the five star remarks that stick on the front door of the restaurant showing the rate from the board of health and safety regulatory then also the warm welcome service of the crew member for being their politeness. Secondly the facilities are complete in terms of technology because we have the WI fi free internet connection for the customer also the clean and a nice place to eat and relax and a good place for the children especially for the family to visit. While in the Reflex bar the number of the customer compare to the number of the costumer of mc Donald restaurant are too far from the number of their customer who visit in a day because reflex bar operate only at night time while the restaurant operate night and day. Also the mc Donald serve a variety of foods in terms of promotional offer in every month we have a rotational offer of the new product and with the big help of advertizing and the media as well it helps a lot to introduce the product to promote it with the part of a meal deal also. So the tendency customer are not feeling fed up for the burgers because aside from the promotional product they offer some free as well specially in the children’s meals this is the biggest different in part of the Reflex bar in which they only have a brochure to offer for the customer and most of their promo are only free entrance but with the regards to the food and drink are still in the same price customer can get.

The second choice that I pick is the Bar which I usually visit just located in reading town, THE REFLEX bar of the 80s I love to visit the bar every Saturday because that is the big night of the week. It feels unwind to me. Inside the bar you can feel their music, but the set up of the business is more focus on beverages and some foods too. But they were popular on the ambiance especially their sounds that’s maybe the reason people love to visit the place. And I could also say, that because the tendency of the bar is focus more on the mature customer because 80s songs now a days are more likely to the 30yrs old up persons. Unlike some bars are fits for the teenagers only and the tendencies or the impact for social community are very strict and so complicated because of their youngest age while in the reflex bar is not because more of the customers are professionals. But also one of the things that I like in this bar is the strict of the staff and friendly as well and very polite to the customer. But in regards to the services structure of this establishment there are various dissimilar and similar when it comes to operational and functional. Operational the mc Donald restaurant operates without the security personnel while in the reflex bar is required with the security staff because they serve different liquor beverages. And functional both mc Donald and reflex bar are similar in like human resource management, information technologies, and the maintenance management and of course the owner of the establishment.


People 1st is the sector skills council for hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism. We are working to transform skills in the sector, particularly in the areas of management and leadership, customer service and craft skills. We are committed to ensuring that public funds support the industry to develop only those qualifications and programs that meet the needs of employers.
In my own understanding to this I think now a day the government of United Kingdom gives the skilled person the opportunity to have the better job benefits and also for the foreign student like us it is more beneficial when u meet the requirements the new program gives the international student to have a working permit visa as long as you finish the course in a diploma or a managerial course because according to the government in this country they ensure to support the public funds for the development of the industry.
The British Hospitality Association has been representing the hotel, restaurant and catering industry for 100 years. The Association exists to ensure that the views of the British hospitality industry are represented in a forceful, coherent and co-ordinate way to government and policy makers in the UK and internationally, in order that its members' businesses can flourish. The British Hospitality Association (BHA) was established in 1907 as the Incorporated Hotel Keepers Association. In 1910 it merged with a new and entirely separate organisation called Incorporated Association of Hotels and Restaurants, taking on the latter's name.

In this matter world wide support organization or rather known as globalization is the best I can explain because now a day every country share and support the needs of the industry specially the field of hospitality industry in this country. Like in mc Donald before they started from a few franchising then they come up to establish their own products like owning a huge farm for their potatoes and made their own French fries as well as the process of the milk from their own farm land as well to give support to the farmers of this country that is also agreed to the policies of the government in United kingdom.http://www.bha.org.uk/details.cfm?page=suppliers


The Institute of Hospitality is the professional body for managers and potential managers in the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism industries is an internationally recognised management organisation with UK and international regional branches covers all sectors of the industry including hotels, contract catering companies, restaurants, pubs and clubs, as well as leisure outlets, theme parks and sports venues is a registered charity and has a worldwide membership with a wide range of benefits provides members with designatory letters which confer a respected acknowledgement of an individual's qualifications and specific industry experience enables members to network with industry contacts, to develop professionally and to progress through the membership grades of the Institute. The Institute of Hospitality is a registered educational charity and works closely with all hospitality, leisure and tourism agencies, education and awarding bodies, and government departments, providing an interface between education and industry.

http://www.instituteofhospitality.org/                      OR sales planning and operations
Institute of hospitality in my own explanation, like in impact international college giving a student especially like us international student who are taking up higher national diploma in hospitality management are giving the chance to become a professional in the field of hospitality. Impact school is one of my examples as the institute of hospitality that help the international student gain both the education and a career diploma. Their instructor is highly skilled and trained profession that enhances us to more information about the world of hospitality and guided us to become one of them in the future.

HND in Hospitality Management

Unit 1 Task Two

The Contemporary hospitality Industry


In this task still I choose the restaurant and a bar as part of the topic in my assignment the highlight of this two hospitality establishment are the restaurant that operates in day and night and the bar that is operates more on the night according to my chosen field. The mc Donald and the reflex bar. The big issues for this two is the restaurant roles and responsibility, the restaurant is more on training because it operates with the many structures of trainees that compose of both part time and full time and most of the participant are a variety of foreign workers. While in the bar, the staff is mostly hired in this country because it required most important of their English communication because the type of business is more comply on how you communicate to the customers for fast service quality. And the type of foods and drinks they offer in this establishment are very different because in the restaurant it is fit to eat and drink for the children and adult while in the bar, wine and liquor beverages are serve for the adults only and the types of foods as well are fit for the young and adults only. Also the dissimilar types of customer comes in this two hospitality establishment are in a huge differences the restaurant customers comes for eating accommodation only while the customers in the bar are comes for the pleasure of enjoying the music, dancing and of course a group of parties and an event of celebrating birth day parties for young and adults this is in more of drinking rather than eating. Another thing is the place or the site of the venue for these two different catering industries I observe most that the restaurant where sited in a place where more people visited like in the huge car parking space or most in the malls or near in the public places that most people visit unlike in the bars you can site them most in the town cities that are nearest in the police station that are intact to communicate in case of any violence happen in the scene.

In this sector the roles and responsibilities of the staff for each establishment are a very important for every business because this is the characteristic and the main highlight that asses and manage the business. The criteria for every individual qualification are in different requirement, I can describe that the head of the business is the store manager in a restaurant with the support of the assistant manager who impose the action taken from the order of the store manager. Then the assistant manager divided the special task for the shift managers in different schedule and different assignment so that every body can share their particular task and also train and develop the staff as well. They manage the information gather according to the order of the store manager and this is how my work place manages the team in our restaurant in mc Donald. With regards to my understanding in this task about how the staffing affect the issues for hospitality I can added that if you pursue to work hard definitely they will give you a priority to trust that will attain me more benefits in having more time to work, they also increase my hourly rate and a good recommendation that will promote me in the next level of achievement and this is how I attain my position as crew trainee and also they promote me as a role model crew member. Then they look forward on what is my back ground in educational attainment I take Hotel and Restaurant Management in the Philippine and now taking Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management which I think, that in the future I can use it as one of my reference to get a better job. As a matter of fact they are looking forward for me to grab the opportunity to become one of their managers. But it is complicated to my time schedule in college because the slot of the schedule programmed for the trainee of managers will be conduct on the day of my college days. I use this field of my experience as part of my task because I believe it has a relevant to the question. In added also about the roles of the staffs, this time is about the duties and responsibilities of the operational members for the kitchen staff they manage to control the foods they cook like the burgers it should not be more than the tabulated daily burgers must be made and they should follow the flow of business, if its busy on the unexpected days kitchen staff must be pro active on their duty to follow the good process of hot and good quality of burgers. In the chicken side is also the same process should the kitchen crew must follow and they should be connect to each other meaning if the chicken side is busy and the burger side or grilled side we called is not, then they should give assist to support the fast way of serving the customers. And for us the front counters we should follow the six steps for hospitality ways this are greet first the customers welcome them then take the order then take the money and assemble the foods then the fifth is present the foods and last greet goodbye to the customers. Must all be done in a lovely smile to serve every customers visit the restaurant?

Unit 1 Task Three
HND in Hospitality Management

The Contemporary hospitality


In this task the standard operating procedures of the food safety first must meet the requirements of the health and safety regulations. Meaning for the small establishment at least meet the three stars not lower than that and for the big establishment like mc Donald, Kentucky fried chicken, burger kings and many other big establishments must be graded a five stars from the health and safety regulatory board. They put stickers on the front of the establishment that marks five stars to show to the public that they pass the requirement of clean and healthy foods requirements. Now in actual presentation I have the experience in organizing and preparing the needs of restaurant by the role of maintaining the cleanliness of the restaurant as a matter of fact my store manager is very proud of me when I do the cleaning.


The current image of the hospitality industry, before establishment in hospitality are very limited in terms of, time of business, types of business. Now a days I could really differentiate the big issues that changes the establishment in hospitality because now they can serve longer time for food and beverages industry even in the hotel accommodation as well. And that maybe the cause of increase in establishment growth in every cities and town, this are some example of the image happen now in the industry of hospitality the popular perception are happens now because of the increasing number of establishment growth in food and beverages and also the improvement of their quality in terms of fast growing foods trend because now a day people are more busy in their life style and the tendencies of their time to eat and cook are limited so they tend to prepare eating out and ordering take away foods that are now serving in most restaurant. Another trend that helps more impact to increase the expansion of foods and beverages establishment is the exposure of media. With the help of advertisement people easy inform about the new trend of product they offer in foods or even in the beverages as well.