Business Health Check M/601/1749

 LO1 Understand the focuses of the business

Understand the focuses of the business Focuses: current positioning of business, priorities, successes, distracters, current/future aims (short-, medium- and long-term), strengths and weaknesses, stakeholders, sources of advice and guidance, potential for business improvement Factors impacting on the business: external, internal, resources, opportunities, threats

1.1 analyse the objectives of the business

1.2 explain factors that impact on the business

1.3 determine potential improvements to the business organisation and/or operation

LO2 Be able to develop plans for businesses

Be able to develop plans for businesses Review: areas eg products/services, marketing, sales, finances, staffing; effectiveness, overall business performance, business image, record keeping Business planning: forecasting eg for marketing and sales, design, productivity, quality, service, financial management systems; roles and responsibilities of staff and management, performance monitoring, laws and regulations (including updating), action planning, timescales, risk assessment, appropriate sources of advice, relevant information, information handling and administration

2.1 review the effectiveness of the business

2.2 develop plans to improve the business, justifying their value

LO3 Be able to evaluate and develop skills of management and staff

Be able to evaluate and develop skills of management and staff Evaluate: monitor performance to include current experience, skills and abilities (technical, operational, managerial); effect of current performance on the business, assess targets set, other relevant information, make informed judgements Planning and development: assessing re-skilling/up-skilling needs, setting clear targets, linking skills targets to business targets, advice and training, costs/benefits analysis Support and advice: free and paid-for help, personal contacts, networks, fees, limitations of advice and support, record keeping 

 3.1 evaluate the current skills of management and staff

3.2 devise and justify plans for the development of skills for management and staff